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Bachelor and master theses

Develop and study a novel biosensor relying on a plasmonic Janus particle
Our group could demonstrate that plasmonic Janus-particles change their height in an optical tweezer as a function of laser power (ACS Photonics 2, 491 (2015) and 4, 2843 (2017)). We now want to use this optical “nano-elevator” to realize a novel concept for biosensing. In the field of biosensors we collaborate with a group at Columbia University and with our spin-off company GNA Biosolutions.

stefanie pritzl thesis
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Study optical gain and lasing properties of halide perovskite supercrystals
Very recently, our group could show that halide perovskite nanocrystals assemble into supercrystals with unique optical properties (A. Manzi et al., Nature Communications, in press). These structures offer highly interesting perspectives in terms of optical gain and lasing. We are planning time-resolved optical studies with femtosecond laser pulses to investigate such possibilities. These studies are performed in collaboration with other groups in Germany and Singapore.

aurora manzi thesis
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Perform time-resolved Raman experiments with femtosecond laser pulses
A newly developed setup allows to perform stimulated Raman scattering experiments with sub-picosecond time-resolution. We can now photoexcite electrons in hybrid nanomaterials and probe the reaction of the lattice and of molecular vibrations. These studies are highly relevant for energy conversion applications and are part of the Bavarian project “Solar Technologies Go Hybrid” (SolTech).
simone strohmair thesis
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