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Total Publications: 37, Total Citations: 2424 
h-index: 22,  i10-index: 28

(Updated: April 2018)
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Spontaneous Self-Assembly of Perovskite Nanocrystals into Electronically Coupled Supercrystals: Toward Filling the Green Gap
Y. Tong, E.-P. Yao, A. Manzi, E. Bladt, K. Wang, M. Doblinger, S. Bals, P. M. Buschbaum, A. S. Urban, L. Polavarapu, J. Feldmann
Advanced Materials (2018) accepted

Resonantly Enhanced Multiple Exciton Generation through Below-Band-Gap Multi-Photon Absorption in Perovskite Nanocrystals
A. Manzi, Y. Tong, J. Feucht, E.-P. Yao, L. Polavarapu, A.S. Urban, and J. Feldmann
Nature Communications 9 (1), 1518 (2018)

Strong Quantum Confinement Effects and Chiral Excitons in Bio-Inspired ZnO-Amino Acid Co-Crystals
H.M. Madathumpady Abubaker, M. Lamers, V. Baumann, P. Dey, A.J. Blanch, I. Polishchuk, X.-T. Kong, D. Levy, A.S. Urban, A.O. Govorov, B. Pokroy, J. Rodríguez-Fernández, and J. Feldmann
The Journal of Physical Chemistry C (2018) 122, 6348-6356 (2018)

Preferential Orientation of Crystals Induced by Incorporation of Organic Ligands in Mixed-Dimensional Hybrid Perovskite Films
R. Wang, Y. Tong, A. Manzi, K. Wang, Z. Fu, E. Kentzinger, J. Feldmann, A.S. Urban*, H. Frielinghaus, and P. Müller-Buschbaum
Advanced Optical Materials (2018) published online

Dephasing and quantum beating of excitons in methyl ammonium lead iodide perovskite nanoplatelets
B.J. Bohn, T. Simon, M. Gramlich, A.F. Richter, L. Polavarapu, A.S. Urban, and J. Feldmann
ACS Photonics 5, 648-654 (2018)

Tracking the Source of Carbon Dot Photoluminescence: Aromatic Domains versus Molecular Fluorophores
F. Ehrat, S. Bhattacharyya, J. Schneider, A. Löf, R. Wyrwich, A.L. Rogach, J.K. Stolarczyk*, A.S. Urban*, and J. Feldmann
Nano Letters 17 (12), 7710–7716 (2017)


Effect of Nitrogen Atom-Positioning on the Trade-off between Emissive and Photocatalytic Properties of Carbon Dots
S. Bhattacharyya*, F. Ehrat, P. Urban, R. Teves, R. Wyrwich, M. Döbliner, J. Feldmann, A. S. Urban*, and J. K. Stolarczyk*
Nature Communications 8, 1401 (2017)

Precursor Powders-to-CsPbX3 Perovskite Nanowires: One-pot Synthesis, Growth Mechanism and Oriented Self-assemblies

Y. Tong, B. J. Bohn, E. Bladt, K. Wang, P. Müller-Buschbaum, S. Bals*, A. S. Urban*, J. Feldmann, and L. Polavarapu*
Angewandte Chemie I.E. 56 (44), 13887-13892 (2017)

Advances in Quantum-Confined Perovskite Nanocrystals for Optoelectronics
L. Polavarapu,* B. Nickel, J. Feldmann, and A. S. Urban*
Advanced Energy Materials, 7, 1700267 (2017)

Dilution-Induced Formation of Hybrid Perovskite Nanoplatelets
Y. Tong, F. Ehrat, W. Vanderlinden, C. Cardenas-Daw, J.K. Stolarczyk,* L. Polavarapu,* and A. S. Urban*
ACS Nano 10 (12), 10936-10944 (2016)

Highly Luminescent Cesium Lead Halide Perovskite Nanocrystals with Tunable Composition and Thickness via Ultrasonication
Y. Tong, E. Bladt, M. F. Aygüler, A. Manzi, K. Z. Milowska, V. A. Hintermayr, P. Docampo, S. Bals, A. S. Urban,* L. Polavarapu,* and J. Feldmann
Angewandte Chemie I.E. (44), 13887–13892 (2016)

Tuning the Optical Properties of Perovskite Nanoplatelets through Composition and Thickness by Ligand-assisted Exfoliation
V. A. Hintermayr, A. F. Richter, F. Ehrat, M. Doblinger, W. Vanderlinden, J. A. Sichert, Y. Tong, L. Polavarapu,* A. S. Urban,* and J. Feldmann
Advanced Materials 28 (43), 9478-9485 (2016)

Colloidal Lead Halide Perovskite Nanocrystals: Synthesis, Optical Properties and Applications
H. Huang, A. Susha, L. Polavarapu, J. A. Sichert, A. S. Urban,* and A. Rogach*
NPG Asia Materials 8, e328 (2016)

Exploring the Optical Nonlinearities of Plasmon-Exciton Hybrid Resonances in Coupled Colloidal Nanostructures
T. Simon, D. Melnikau, A. Sánchez-Iglesias, M. Grzelczak, L. M. Liz-Marzán, Y. Rakovich, J. Feldmann, A. S. Urban*
The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 120 (22), 12226-12233 (2016)

Optical Nanoparticle Sorting Elucidates Synthesis of Plasmonic Nanotriangles
M.A. Huergo, C. M. Maier, M. F. Castez, C. Vericat, S. Nedev, R. C. Salvarezza, A. S. Urban*, J. Feldmann
ACS Nano 10 (3), 3614-3621 (2016)

Quantum Size Effect in Organometal Halide Perovskite Nanoplatelets
J.A. Sichert, Y. Tong, N. Mutz, M. Vollmer, S.F. Fischer, K.Z. Milowska, R. Garcia Cortadella, B. Nickel, C. Cardenas-Daw, J.K. Stolarczyk, A.S. Urban*, J. Feldmann
Nano Letters 15 (10), 6521–6527 (

Carbon Dots: A Unique Fluorescent Cocktail of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons
M. Fu, F. Ehrat, Y. Wang, K.Z. Milowska, C.J. Reckmeier, A.L. Rogach, J.K. Stolarczyk, A.S. Urban*, J. Feldmann
Nano Letters 15 (9), 6030-6035 (2015)

An Optically Controlled Microscale Elevator Using Plasmonic Janus Particles
S. Nedev, S. Carretero-Palacios, P. Kühler, T. Lohmüller, A.S. Urban*, L.J.E. Anderson*, J. Feldmann
ACS Photonics 2 (4), 491-496 (2015)

Sub-100nm gold nanomatryoshkas improve photo-thermal therapy efficacy in large and highly aggressive triple negative breast tumors
C. Ayala-Orozco, C. Urban, S.W. Bishnoi, A.S. Urban, H. Charron, T Mitchell, T. Mitchell, M. Shea, S. Nanda, R. Schiff, N.J. Halas, A. Joshi
Journal of Controlled Release 191, 90-97 (2014)

Nanoparticles heat through light localization
N.J. Hogan‡, A.S. Urban‡, C. Ayala-Orozco, A. Pimpinelli, P. Nordlander, N.J. Halas
Nano Letters 14 (8), 4640-4645 (2014)

Au nanomatryoshkas as efficient near-infrared photothermal transducers for cancer treatment: Benchmarking against nanoshells
C. Ayala-Orozco, C. Urban, M.W. Knight, A.S. Urban, O. Neumann, S.W. Bishnoi, S. Mukherjee, A.M. Goodman, H. Charron, T. Mitchell, M. Shea, R. Roy, S. Nanda, R. Schiff, N.J. Halas, A. Joshi
ACS Nano 8 (6), 6372-6381 (2014)

Optical trapping and manipulation of plasmonic nanoparticles: fundamentals, applications, and perspectives
A.S. Urban, S. Carretero-Palacios, A.A. Lutich, T. Lohmüller, J. Feldmann, F. Jäckel
Nanoscale 6 (9), 4458-4474 (2014)

Three-dimensional plasmonic nanoclusters
A.S. Urban, X. Shen, Y. Wang, N. Large, H. Wang, M.W. Knight, P. Nordlander, H. Chen, N.J. Halas
Nano Letters 13 (9), 4399-4403 (2013)

Externally modulated theranostic nanoparticles
C. Urban, A.S. Urban, H. Charron, A. Joshi
Translational cancer research 2 (4), 292 (2013)

Near-field mediated plexcitonic coupling and giant Rabi splitting in individual metallic dimers
A.E. Schlather, N. Large, A.S. Urban, P. Nordlander, N.J. Halas
Nano Letters 13 (7), 3281-3286 (2013)

Embedding plasmonic nanostructure diodes enhances hot electron emission
M.W. Knight, Y. Wang, A.S. Urban, A. Sobhani, B.Y. Zheng, P. Nordlander, N.J. Halas
Nano Letters 13 (4), 1687-1692 (2013)

Shrink‐to‐fit Plasmonic Nanostructures
A.S. Urban, M. Fedoruk, S. Nedev, A.A. Lutich, T. Lohmueller, J. Feldmann
Advanced Optical Materials 1 (2), 123-127 (2013)

Solar Vapor Generation Enabled by Nanoparticles
O. Neumann, A.S. Urban, J. Day, S. Lal, P. Nordlander, N.J. Halas
ACS Nano 7 (1), 42-49 (2013)

Membrane composition of jetted lipid vesicles: a Raman spectroscopy study
S.R. Kirchner, A. Ohlinger, T. Pfeiffer, A.S. Urban, F.D. Stefani, A. Deak, A.A. Lutich, J. Feldmann
Journal of Biophotonics 5 (1), 40-46 (2012)

Optical Force Stamping Lithography
S. Nedev, A.S. Urban, A.A. Lutich, J. Feldmann
Nano Letters 11 (11), 5066-5070 (2011)

Single Step Injection of Gold Nanoparticles through Phospholipid Membranes
A.S. Urban, T. Pfeiffer, M. Fedoruk, A.A. Lutich, J. Feldmann
ACS Nano 5, 3585 (2011)

Laser printing single gold nanoparticles
A.S. Urban, A.A. Lutich, F.D. Stefani, J. Feldmann
Nano Letters 10 (12), 4794-4798 (2010)

Controlled nanometric phase transitions of phospholipid membranes by plasmonic heating of single gold nanoparticles
A.S. Urban, M. Fedoruk, M.R. Horton, J.O. Radler, F.D. Stefani, J. Feldmann
Nano Letters 9 (8), 2903-2908 (2009)

Controlling loading and optical properties of gold nanoparticles on liposome membranes
T. K. Sau, A.S. Urban, S. K. Dondapati, M. Fedoruk, M.R. Horton, A.L. Rogach, F.D. Stefani, J.O. Rädler, J. Feldmann
Colloids and Surfaces A 342, 92-96 (2009)

Processes of Stimulated Emission in ZnO
J. Fallert, R. Hauschild, A.S. Urban, H. Priller, H. Kalt, C. Klingshirn
AIP Conference Proceedings 893, 163 (2007)

Surface-state Related Luminescence in ZnO Nanocrystals
J. Fallert, R. Hauschild, F. Stelzl, A.S. Urban, M. Wissinger, H. Zhou, C. Klingshirn, H. Kalt
Journal of Applied Physics 101, 073506 (2007)

The Influence of Waveguide Modes on Stimulated Emission from ZnO Nanorods
R. Hauschild, H. Lange, A.S. Urban, H. Kalt, C. Klingshirn
phys. Stat. sol. (c) 3, 3557-3560 (2006)