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Recent ACS Photonics on Optically Controlled Microscale Elevator highlighted


CeNS Innovation Award 2015 for Aurora Manzi

Our work on "An Optically Controlled Microscale Elevator Using Plasmonic Janus Particles" has been highlighted in a cross-journal virtual issue “Probing the Fundamentals of Light-Matter Interactions”, and in the corresponding editorial: “Shining a Light on the Molecular and Nanoscopic Worlds” in celebration of the International Year of Light. This issue comprises some of the most groundbreaking research published in the journals ACS Photonics, The Journal of Physical Chemistry, and Analytical Chemistry within the last two years. Our article, which is currently the sixth most read article in ACS Photonics in the last year, was called “… an outstanding example of new and emerging light-based spectroscopic and characterization methods.”